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After passing the Giżycka Gate you will enter the courtyard including a plan of the fortress and a souvenir shop. From here, you can go (according to directions) and walk along one of the three routes: red, green and blue. The fortress occupies an area of around 100 ha. It has a shape of an irregular hexagon star. This shape is determined by 8m high and 2,3 km long (precisely 2303 m) wall made of bricks and stone, a so called Carnot wall, dry moat and internal and external ground rampart. The Fortress of Giżycko is a system of external and internal ramparts with numerous slipways enabling to visit all nooks of the fortress. The fortress contains a considerable number of fortification objects. The most important military objects are: three barracks, bakery, combat emergency shelter and war shelters, granaries, armorer’s workshop and artillery workshop, carrier pigeon station stable with coach house and gunpowder laboratory. The fortress has played a significant part in the history of the first world war and it has proven that it was built justly. By the end of August 1914, Russian and German forces fought to own the fortress in which Russians were defeated. The Boyen Fortress has never been conquest.

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